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2012, documentary short film, 30 minutes.

Danish singer Esther Maria travels to New York with her musical partner Torsten Stistrup Cubel. Their aim is to record an entire album with the American producer Kramer in just five days — with one computer and one microphone. In the film we hear Esther Maria’s thoughts about the subject matter of her songs and how she tries to reach the right frame of mind for the project. Kramer shares his philosophy on the creative proces and how he experienced working with her. We follow these three creative souls as Esther Maria’s debut album “The Abyss” starts to take shape in a small flat in Tribeca. The music itself and the urban landscape of New York City play their own part in the film alongside the three musicians.

Directed by Lars Kjær Dideriksen
Music by Esther Maria

Film website:

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