Esther Maria


Esther Maria is an independent singer/songwriter, living and working in Aarhus, Denmark. Born in the UK in 1979, her family moved to Denmark in 1984, and so Esther Maria has her roots firmly grounded in both the British and the Scandinavian culture, creating a crossover of the two cultures, which comes into play through her music and songs. In 2009 Esther Maria released a 5 track EP called ’My Black Heart’ to much acclaim, a melancholy heartfelt take on the country and folk genre.

Esther Maria has now released her debut album titled ’The Abyss’ a compilation of heart-on-sleeve songs working deeply with Esther’s sense of imagery and motion, creating a cinematic album that let’s the listener travel with and connect to the artist and her music. The album was recorded in New York in the winter of 2010 with the fabulous and legendary producer Mark Kramer (Low, Daniel Johnston, Will Oldham, Galaxie 500), and has been finished and mastered in 2011. Jeff Linsenmaier (The Fray and Wovenhand) plays all keys on the album and Soma Allpass (Lise Westzynthius, Klondyke, etc.) plays the cello.

The album was released the 2nd of November 2012 in Denmark. The whole recording and trip to New York was filmed and has been transformed into a 30 min documentary about Esther Maria and her music collaboration with producer Mark Kramer.

In 2015 her 5 track EP Said & Done was released and Esther is currently working on new material.

To check out the movie, music and videoes on the site pages. Thank you all email: Esther Maria has recieved support from the following foundations:


2 thoughts on “Esther Maria

  1. First off, I realize that the chances of Esther Maria actually reading this are probably slim to none. And that’s understandable. But would just like to express how captivating you and your music is!! I stumbled upon the video of “Arms Above” on Lasse Hoile’s youtube page, and I was immediately stunned, both by the amazing song, the vocals and the stunning beauty. What a combination! I’m an avid music fan, but I very rarely, if ever, send email/messages simply because I think it’s a bit silly to attempt to contact artists/celebrities and realistic think they will receive them and reply back. So this message is definitely new territory for me! And I definitely don’t want to come off as some crazy stalker fan lol. But I just wanted to let you (or whoever reads this haha) know how beautiful you and your music is!! Good luck to you and any of your future plans/projects.

    Justin B.

    • esthersquest says:

      Dear Justin – THANK YOU for your very kind words – I appreciate them greatly, it’s people like you, the listeners fans, who support my work, that gives me encouragement to carry on creating music.

      Wonderful response!

      Take care and all the best to you and your family.

      Kind regards & merry x-mas

      Esther Maria

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