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October 19, 2012 by esthersquest

So the autumn has arrived, and we are busy busy busy. The vinyl has been sent to print, but as things are in this humdrum world, they are slightly delayed (as to expect maybe), but we are doing our best to get them out to you all as soon as possible.

We are celebrating our official release the 2nd of November, and will be playing an instore session at Stardust Cafe here in Aarhus the 17th of November at 14:00 , where you are more than welcome to turn up, but remember it is a very small venue, so be early.

November is going to be packed, we are playing quit a few concerts, and are currently working on getting some gigs in Copenhagen the 9th & 10th of November, so if you would like us to visit your town or know a great place for us to gig, do contact us asap.

We will also be able to direct you to our online distribution very soon, so you can by our new album online!!!

Take care all

Esther Maria & Torsten

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